Nominate a project for the Oddities Awards

For the AMR Conference 20th Anniversary, we would like you to nominate a project and identify a potential awardee.  Nominate a project via SurveyMonkey in one (or more) of the categories including:

  • Worst Pollution
  • Extreme Reclamation/Remediation
  • Extraordinary Watershed Organization
  • Abandoned Mine Land Oddities.

Use our Survey Monkey QR Code for mobile phones:

Submissions will be accepted up until the conference registration deadline.  The AMR Conference Committee will review the submissions and select projects they think are noteworthy.  There are no cash prizes, but certificates will be awarded to a group or individual and the project will be recognized at the conference.  This is separate from the Mayfly Award.

If you would like to submit an image please email  Make sure you mention the project, entity, and category so we can tie it to the submission.

Thanks and remember this is for fun!  Please keep comments respectful.