Presentations posted

Please see the Presentations Page for the speaker presentations.  They are added thru SlideShare and you can page through them without having to download them.

Thank you to everyone who was able to attend last month!

Online Registration is Closed

Online registration deadline for the Wednesday Dinner and Thursday Conference was June 11th.  It was extended to close of business June 14th, but now it is CLOSED.

We had to hand in numbers to the facility for those 2 events.  Registrations after the deadline are considered “walk-ins” at $100 per person and we cannot promise all amenities will be available registration page.  

There is still a little room on the bus, if you would like to go on the Wednesday Tour please sign up through the registration page.  These prices remain the same.

There are also a few exhibit spaces left.  If you would like to exhibit, please sign up through the registration page.  These prices remain the same.

See you next week!

Online Registration has been extended

Online registration deadline was June 11th, but it has been extended to June 14th when we have to have final numbers to the facility.

Registrations after this new deadline are considered “walk in” at $100 per person and we cannot promise all amenities will be available so please sign up before June 14th via the registration page.

See you next week!

PA Abandoned Mine Reclamation Conference is next month!

For those of you who haven’t already signed up, online registration ends Monday, June 11th for the 2018 PA AMR Conference, which will be held June 20 & 21st at the Ramada Inn & Conference Center in State College, PA.  Visit our registration page to attend. You may miss your chance to go on the limited bus field tour.

The potential for the changing Federal environmental policies to influence abandoned mine reclamation in Pennsylvania is imminent.  The return to a focus on coal production, the proposed shifting of spending from the Abandoned Mine Land Fund through the RECLAIM initiative, the AML Pilot Program, and the expected expiration of the collection fees feeding the Abandoned Mine Land Fund could each have their own costs and benefits to Pennsylvania’s abandoned mine reclamation community.  The PA AMR Conference will explore these ideas with an emphasis on the future of reclamation and the benefits it provides.  We also offer presentations on treatment system design, new technologies and tools, successes and lessons learned, and other topics useful to the abandoned mine reclamation community.

Online Registration ENDS JUNE 11TH!

It’s the 20th Anniversary of the Conference help us celebrate by participating in the 2018 AMR Oddity Awards with this link or our QR Code below.

Hope to see you next month!

Nominate a project for the Oddities Awards

For the AMR Conference 20th Anniversary, we would like you to nominate a project and identify a potential awardee.  Nominate a project via SurveyMonkey in one (or more) of the categories including:

  • Worst Pollution
  • Extreme Reclamation/Remediation
  • Extraordinary Watershed Organization
  • Abandoned Mine Land Oddities.

Use our Survey Monkey QR Code for mobile phones:

Submissions will be accepted up until the conference registration deadline.  The AMR Conference Committee will review the submissions and select projects they think are noteworthy.  There are no cash prizes, but certificates will be awarded to a group or individual and the project will be recognized at the conference.  This is separate from the Mayfly Award.

If you would like to submit an image please email  Make sure you mention the project, entity, and category so we can tie it to the submission.

Thanks and remember this is for fun!  Please keep comments respectful.  

Online Registration is OPEN

Registration Deadline is June 11th, 2018.  Please visit the Registration Page to get started.

“Walk ins” (aka. attendees that do not register through this page before the registration deadline) will not be turned away, but will be charged $100 regardless of status, payment due immediately (brought to the conference) and may not be guaranteed all amenities.  Refunds will not be honored after the deadline. Bottom line, please register and pay before the deadline so we can plan accordingly and not have to chase anyone down.  These measures help keep costs affordable for all.  ?

Instructions (please read carefully): This year’s registration is “a la carte” style like years past.  Click on the links below to help you register to attend the conference, exhibit and/or register for pre-conference activities.  You will be taken to the “EPCAMR store” to add registration items from this page.  Once you have selected an item you may return to this page to add additional items to your online shopping cart or continue adding items in the store under the “Registrations” category.  The items in the store are also marked as “Featured Items”.  Tip:  Please do not use your browser’s “Back” button in the store, as it can delete the order you are building. Once you are done, go through the checkout to view your items and finish the registration process.  You may pay by check/money order and send in your printed registration via snail mail.   OR… pay with credit or debit card using our online payment gateway, PayPal.  You do not need a PayPal account to use a card.  Choose “pay with debit or credit card” option when the store transfers you to PayPal.

The Conference committee is now requesting proposals for presentations

We encourage a wide range of topic submissions including but not limited to:

  • New AMD treatment system technologies, tools, and products
  • Construction case studies and lessons learned
  • Land remediation, reforestation, reuse
  • Water quality monitoring and treatment system maintenance
  • Non-profit organization capacity issues
  • Community involvement, special events, education, and outreach
  • Coal mining history and heritage preservation
  • Mapping, drones, equipment, and other helpful new technologies
  • Legislative updates and concerns at all levels of government
  • Economic redevelopment, health and safety, and quality of life topics

In the past, we have had such varied topics as the history of baseball in coal patch towns, to the prevention of lyme disease, to preserving collieries, to computer software designed to estimate the required size of an AMD treatment system, to the reauthorization of the collection fees associated with SMCRA, to designing soccer fields on AML sites, to providing construction jobs in AML-impacted communities, to AML issues in Germany and Bolivia, to the establishment and support of non-profit organizations, and everything in between. If your topic can be related to what our community does, we would love to consider it for our 20th annual conference!

Submissions and questions should be emailed to Anne Daymut at by March 1, 2018.

Reflections on 20 Years of Reclamation

With a theme of “Reflections on 20 Years of Reclamation,” our 20th Anniversary Conference will celebrate our community’s success over the last two decades and develop a wish list of accomplishments for the future.

Presentations offered at the conference are sure to include the latest AMD treatment system technologies, current legislative concerns, and case studies of what has been learned over the last 20 years. The full-day conference tour will include the Graymont limestone quarry which supplies highly alkaline material and rock for the treatment of AMD impacted streams and Fisherman’s Paradise to learn about raising trout for release in healthy streams.

The conference website,, provides access to all past conferences with a simple search.