The Conference committee is now requesting proposals for presentations

We encourage a wide range of topic submissions including but not limited to:

  • New AMD treatment system technologies, tools, and products
  • Construction case studies and lessons learned
  • Land remediation, reforestation, reuse
  • Water quality monitoring and treatment system maintenance
  • Non-profit organization capacity issues
  • Community involvement, special events, education, and outreach
  • Coal mining history and heritage preservation
  • Mapping, drones, equipment, and other helpful new technologies
  • Legislative updates and concerns at all levels of government
  • Economic redevelopment, health and safety, and quality of life topics

In the past, we have had such varied topics as the history of baseball in coal patch towns, to the prevention of lyme disease, to preserving collieries, to computer software designed to estimate the required size of an AMD treatment system, to the reauthorization of the collection fees associated with SMCRA, to designing soccer fields on AML sites, to providing construction jobs in AML-impacted communities, to AML issues in Germany and Bolivia, to the establishment and support of non-profit organizations, and everything in between. If your topic can be related to what our community does, we would love to consider it for our 20th annual conference!

Submissions and questions should be emailed to Anne Daymut at by March 1, 2018.